Fun all summer with Guidepost Montessori

Guidepost Montessori is offering fun and educational summer camp experiences for Elementary age students 6-12 all summer long, with different themes each week.

Registration for summer camp is open - enjoy a 5% discount on additional camp weeks after your fourth week!

We're ready to have some fun this summer!

Guidepost Summer Camp in the Upper East Side

  • Pricing: $760/week
  • Camp Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Address: 12 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075 US
  • Email:
  • Contact admissions at (636) 445-5360

Our School

Our school is located in a beautiful heritage building, aptly named Guidepost Montessori Museum Mile after the historic street. We offer programs starting at the pre-k level (2 years 8 months old), through elementary (grades 1-6), and up to middle school (grades 7-8). We are also pleased to offer our early years programs in Mandarin and English. Discover more about our accredited Montessori school with a tour today.

Weekly Camps

Each week is designed around a specific theme for students to discover and investigate. Students will take part in creative projects, singing and playing, outdoor games, field trips and more, all wrapped up in that week’s theme.

Drawing & Design

July 4-8

Kids will love learning all about the basics of art and getting their hands dirty with drawing and design. Portrait drawing, tessellations, 3D drawing, and parabolic art are just some of the projects kids will work on during this week’s theme. There is lots of meaning to unpack from math and patterns in parabolic art to the origins of portrait drawing and how it has evolved in modern times (hint: selfies).

Taking Flight

July 11-15

Similar to our Need for Speed session, this week is all about building contraptions that fly high! Our Taking Flight theme will keep kids busy building balloon rockets, dragonfly copters, boomerangs, paper airplanes, and simple kites, while exploring a broader theme of innovation that can defy what is “known.” What could be more fun?

Making Contact

July 18-22

Why is communication so essential to our society? How did humans first start to communicate? Students will explore human connection through the lens of communication. Activities this week are centered around ways of sharing information with others by creating can phones, developing their own code language, learning about sign language, and even creating zoetropes!

Fictional Friends

July 25-29

Campers will create their own world of fictional friends and characters from making grass heads to their very own comic book. Bringing their inner worlds to life will delight campers as they develop artistic skills, learn to define character narratives, and bring to life the ways that characters define our own identities.

Science and Circuitry

August 1-5

Become a mad scientist, or let some sparks fly! Either way your kids will be in for hands-on and experiment-based fun in our Science and Circuitry week! Campers will use potatoes to create their own battery. They will create a light up wand and learn how to make straw rockets. Or, your child will practice disappearing coins and eggshells and learn how to levitate an object. Whichever choice they make, this week will be full of surprises – it’s a classic camp favorite!

Spectacular Structures

August 8-12

From birdhouses to bridges to forts, campers will observe, explore, and create spectacular structures. They’ll learn about the origins of building throughout history, from the first human shelters to structures that meet other societal needs. To consolidate this theme, students will take a field trip to observe local architecture in real life.

Why you should choose Guidepost Montessori this summer

We know you have options for how your children spend their summer, and we’d love to be a part of their fun and memorable experience in 2022. Guidepost Montessori Elementary Camp is unique for many reasons, from what we do, to how we do it, and importantly – why we do it.

Our proprietary program is developed by teachers and educators. It is intentionally designed to maintain a strong learning component that ensures children feel like they've learned something at the end of each week, while not compromising on having fun.

Why our approach is uniquely different

The core goal of Montessori education is building a lifelong love of learning and curiosity in children. While our summer programming takes us outside of the classroom, children will continue to absorb knowledge and learn from their surroundings. Our summer program is crafted to build a world of joy and wonder - that puts children in the middle of this massive planet of ours and encourages them to ask questions, determine reasons why things are the way they are, and reflect on those discoveries.

Using storytelling to spark curiosity, each week of our summer programming will launch with a special story that introduces that week's theme and relates it to a broader historic or cultural significance that will interweave into each activity. For example, the Spectacular Structures week will begin with a story expressing the fundamental need for shelter, and a brief overview of the evolution of shelter in human history. We will reflect on how humans have used our structural building knowledge to fulfill other societal needs like bridges for making travel easier, dams to control water flow and create energy, and mega structures such as the pyramids, and skyscrapers.

Students will then take this knowledge into activities, creative projects, field trips or outdoor games that build on the weekly theme. They'll build bird houses, test concepts like load weight with popsicle bridges, learn songs, and even snacks will include a story that reveals something new about their history.

The overall aim is to invoke a sense of appreciation for what has come before and create excitement toward exploring the activities and skills that will be introduced each week - while giving kids a memorable summer filled with fun and learning.

Virtual Options

Our virtual summer camp will follow the same weekly themes and schedule as in-person camp, and gives families the flexibility to mix and match in-person with virtual weeks based on your schedule.

  • June 6th - August 12th
  • Monday - Friday, half-day programming
  • Available 9:00-12:00pm EST / 9:30-12:30pm PST
  • Pricing: $150/week not including materials
  • Multi-week discounts available
  • Contact admissions at (636) 445-5360


  • What makes a summer camp "Montessori"?

    This summer camp has been designed with the Montessori approach to education in mind:

    • Freedom of choice — Students can work on projects freely can move from activity to activity on their own terms
    • A child-centered approach that encourages independent exploration — Children feel empowered by freedom of choice, and so pursue work that fascinates them. This helps the child develop concentration, willpower and independence
    • Experiential learning — Children learn best by doing things for themselves, so the summer camp program offers lots of opportunities for children to work with their hands
    • Faith that the child wants to learn — Montessori educators believe that children are happiest when they have the option to work on something meaningful, which is why summer camp places a strong emphasis on connecting themes to meaningful stories rooted in historic or cultural context
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  • Can I participate in both in-person and virtual camp?
  • How will you keep children and staff safe during COVID-19?
  • Is this summer camp suitable for a child who hasn't attended Montessori school before?

Give them an unforgettable summer!

Summer courses for high school students

Our affiliated school, the Academy of Thought and Industry is offering a 6-week summer course for high school students interested in working with and educating young children. Students will learn virtually with some of the best Montessori trainers in the world, and apply their skills in a real classroom through a field-placement component. Students will receive an Early Years Teaching Certificate upon completion.

  • Application deadline is March 31st

Health and safety

In the face of COVID-19, we continue to serve our families who send their children to Guidepost Montessori schools. We are proud to state that every one of our schools is addressing the health and safety risks posed by the pandemic in a comprehensive, evidence-based way that does not undermine the Montessori learning process.

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