The Moveable Alphabet

The Moveable Alphabet is a child's first foray into writing, transforming thoughts into words.

The Guidepost Team

The Moveable Alphabet is very much what it sounds like. All 26 letters are individually cut out of wood, and ready to position into words and sentences. Enticingly arranged in large wooden boxes, each cursive letter rests in its own compartment, waiting to be called upon.

There are several sizes of Moveable Alphabet. The larger set is housed in two boxes. The vowels are blue and the consonants pink, corresponding to the colors of the Sandpaper Letters. The smaller set is contained in one box, and the letters are all of a dark brown color. A child can begin with the larger set, labeling things in their environment or writing words that they identify with personally, then progress to writing longer stories with the smaller alphabet.

Writing with the Moveable Alphabet is the beginning of self-expression, and sets into motion a lifetime of putting our thoughts, hopes, and dreams down on paper.

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The Guidepost Team

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