For children ages 6 to 12 years old.

An academically rigorous environment for students ages 6 to 12 with a continued emphasis on independence. Students explore the great ideas in history and civilizations, with a practical hands-on approach to modern life and needs.

Program Guideposts

  • The Pursuit of Truth

    Elementary children are naturally drawn to understand the world. Montessori classrooms spark curiosity, invite questioning, and inspire deep learning. Students rejoice in learning new things for the sheer pleasure of deepening their understanding of the world.

  • The Power of Agency
  • The Love of Work
  • The Joy of Community
  • The Courage to Live Wholehearted

program overview.

How does a Montessori elementary classroom actually work? What does it look like? How and what do students learn? In this information session, Laura Mazer, our Senior Vice President of Programs, provides an overview of Guidepost Montessori's elementary program and a peek inside a few of our elementary classrooms.




Practical Life

Literature, Grammar, and Composition


Fine Arts

top 5 questions on montessori elementary.

What will my child learn in an Elementary Montessori classroom? If students are learning at their own pace, how do you assess their progress? Steven Gaudino of Guidepost Montessori answers these and other top questions that parents ask about our Elementary program.



"I love the teachers and community at Guidepost; how loving everyone is. The teachers and administrators are so caring — they want the best experience for our family. I love how much they want to get the children excited for learning and how they apply Montessori to help the whole child develop to their best potential." - Beth T.


"I am constantly impressed and pleased with the quality of education and the level of communication from the administration. The classroom guides are knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging. My granddaughter has made such amazing progress, and she loves her teachers, and classroom friends. The administration team is responsive, hardworking, and committed to providing each student (and family) an amazing and positive Montessori experience." - Susan H.


"My children have been attending Guidepost for over a year now and it has been a great experience. The teachers are very caring and know each child individually. The staff are very responsive to requests and inquiries." - J.C.

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