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The ultimate goal of an education is authentic, holistic independence. At Guidepost Montessori, we offer this to your child, in the fullest possible sense.

Inside our vibrant school communities

In every child lives limitless human potential. For the child to realize that potential is to confidently grow and to joyously learn.

Welcome to our classroom!

A Guidepost Montessori classroom is full of activities that your child will love! These enticing activities are just at your child's level, and are designed to help them joyfully build something that will last a lifetime: character, understanding and a budding sense of self.

Build Foundational Knowledge from the Very Beginning

A Guidepost Montessori classroom offers each child a rich and extensive knowledge base, shared through a carefully-sequenced curriculum designed with the flexibility to adapt to a child's pace and interests. Each student's work is fueled by their own motivation to learn.

An Environment Prepared to Build Agency

Children are born with an eagerness to explore the world, learning through all of their senses. The Montessori classroom offers your child the opportunity to explore, to act independently, and to follow one's own interests. With mastery of each new skill, your child's confidence grows.

Montessori describes the child’s message to the adult: “Help me to do it by myself!”

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Erica H.

Our son loves his classroom and his teachers. The school is professional, caring and dedicated to our children's care. I love the high level of communication and transparency. So happy to have found our school and to be a part of the Guidepost community.

Erica H.
Guidepost Parent, Tigard

A Guide Spotlight

Our Guides work to create a world worthy of your child's absorption.

Tuition & Financial Assistance.

Our admissions team is ready to meet you and get you started on your journey with Guidepost. Speak with admissions or attend one of our program overviews to get specific campus tuition information.

Health & Safety.

Our Guidepost schools are committed to safely serving our families. Learn more about the extra measures we’ve undertaken at each of our operating campuses to give your family peace of mind in uncertain times.

Lessons are designed to appeal to each child's level of development and interests

The Guidepost Approach

Individually tailored lessons

Children are given the tools and uninterrupted time to work on activities and materials they value

The Guidepost Approach

More study, not less

A place where every student feels a sense of belonging, building confidence in the knowledge that their social identity is an asset and not a barrier

The Guidepost Approach

Identity safe classrooms

Children are given the freedom to follow their academic interests, which reduces the need for external motivation

The Guidepost Approach

No need for rewards or punishments