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who is guidepost montessori?.

Guidepost Montessori is a growing network of 120+ Montessori schools, serving children ages 0-12 in our Nido, in-home Picco, Toddler, Children’s House, and Elementary programs. And, in partnership with our sister-program, the Academy of Thought and Industry, our students can continue pursuing a rigorous and child-centered education in middle and high school.

With schools from Shanghai to Paris and California to New York, Spanish and Mandarin immersion programs, as well as virtual school and homeschooling support, there are countless opportunities for passionate educators to support children on their individual path to success.

The Guidepost Mission

Our mission is to inspire each individual child to create a life that is fully theirs and fully lived. This means inspiring every child to love learning, to love applying themselves to work worth doing, to love connecting and collaborating with others, and to love blazing their own trails and leading their own lives.

From learning to eat independently starting as an infant, to building phonemic awareness and gaining toilet independence as a toddler, to multiplying triple-digit numbers and gaining advanced literacy in preschool, to time management and leadership skills in elementary—we give children the environment, individualized support, and freedom they need to confidently direct their own lives.

The end result? Children who fully experience and joyfully achieve their own development; children who can reach their highest potential and flourish—in school and in life!

A Day in the Life with Olivia, a Student in Our Children's House (preschool/kindergarten) Program

what is a "guide"?.

Montessori teachers are referred to as “guides” to describe their role in the classroom more precisely.

In a Montessori environment, children actively engage with a sequence of intentionally-designed materials in order to build knowledge and skills independently. These materials are designed to captivate the child’s interest, encourage sustained concentration, and isolate skills so that the child can focus on them one at a time until he has achieved mastery.

Guides help with this process by:

  • Preparing a beautiful, orderly environment that empowers independence and entices the child to work
  • Providing individual and small group lessons on using the materials or understanding a concept
  • Modeling rich vocabulary and classroom expectations
  • Cultivating a supportive community of mixed-age peers.

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Why Join Guidepost?

Amplify your impact with individualized instruction

Our classes are structured so that guides carefully observe children to discover their unique needs, provide individual and small-group lessons to meet those needs, and then give children the freedom to master material on their own timeline. Our guides meet each student where they’re at and help them chart a personalized path from one achievement to the next.

Build a benevolent community with mixed-age classrooms

Each Guidepost classroom is intentionally mixed age, allowing children to collaborate, be inspired by those further along in their learning, and take their place as confident leaders and mentors to those younger than them. With a focus on individual and small-group work, our guides develop meaningful connections with every student and use those connections to foster deeper learning, responsibility, and success.

Launch your skillset to the next level with sponsored Montessori training

To support and augment the commitment all our guides show in the classroom each day, we’re excited to sponsor a guide’s completion of a Montessori teacher’s diploma or continued development through the Prepared Montessorian Institute

This premier Montessori training not only prepares educators for a future where they will guide children in a Montessori classroom, it aids them in making the choices and learning the information and skills that they need now in order to help the children in their classroom today.

Get inspired by collaborating with a passionate, network-wide team

In our growing network of schools, we intentionally create a collaborative team where every member is valued for their feedback, unique perspective and innovative ideas, as well as their commitment to every child’s success.

Our guides, Heads of School, and regional teams work alongside one another on the mutual mission of supporting the developmental needs of every individual child.

Empower a child’s independence with a beautifully prepared environment

Each Guidepost classroom comes fully equipped with the scope and sequence of high-quality Montessori materials, and every guide is given a budget to personalize their classroom. Guides and students alike can enjoy working in a welcoming, beautiful spaces that inspires focus, benevolence, and a love of learning.

Who are we looking for?

Guidepost Montessori

Our mission is to guide and empower each child as they achieve their own independence.

Guidepost Montessori is looking for individuals who are passionate about helping children flourish.

We have people from all career backgrounds at Guidepost:

  • New and veteran teachers shifting directions toward Montessori
  • Working professionals—from HR to medicine to software engineering—ready to change career paths
  • Already trained and experienced Montessori guides
  • New high school and college graduates ready to launch a passionate career as a guide or school leader

In addition to a passion for working with children, we’re looking for individuals who are:

  • Eager to learn about the Montessori approach and Guidepost’s distinctive interpretation
  • Excited to work in a culture of collaboration, open feedback, and vulnerability
  • Driven to question, understand root causes, and push for continuous improvement
  • Ready to manage their own energy so they can offer their children, families, and teammates their very best

Finally, we’re looking for individuals who want to embark with us in creating a distinctive company culture—one that centers on knowledge, work, agency, and humanism. One where:

  • There is a relentless pursuit of the truth. Where we readily discard our preconceptions, shed our defensiveness, and tirelessly seek to understand and grasp the facts.
  • Work is lauded as the centerpiece of a life fully-lived. Where we embrace effortful activity and take pride in a job well done. And where we see our efforts to shape our character, our lives, and our world as core to creating meaning and cultivating joy in living.
  • Agency is upheld as a union of choice, responsibility, and knowledge. Where we strive to empower our children, families, and teammates to make the best decisions, commit to the achievement of their goals, and author their own lives with intentionality and confidence.
  • There is abiding respect and dignity for the individual. Where we love humanity and celebrate what unites us as individuals. Where we look for the grandeur, the achievements, and the heroes all around us.

We encourage you to read more about our vision at our think tank, Montessorium, and our Friday Notes on our company Substack. Relevant pieces include:

Are you ready to re-imagine education?

If you believe education can do more—more to see both students and educators as the valuable individuals they are, more to inspire a love of learning, thinking, and working, and more to empower individuals to flourish in life—then, from the entire team at Guidepost, we hope you’ll join us on our mission to do just that!

Guide Stories and Celebrations

employee spotlight.

Trained as a lawyer, Anita Omajafor discovered Montessori the way many of us have: by following her passions.

“I don’t have words to describe the absolute joy it gives me to be a part of this team. The beautiful and welcoming campus, the lovely and diverse families and the fantastic staff family here. I could not ask for a better school environment to call home.” — Anita Omajafor, Children's House Guide at Guidepost Montessori at Flower Mound

employee spotlight.

A few years ago, Tomeka Bostic was a mother looking for a good school for her “visual, hands-on” son. But when she discovered the independent, holistic approach to learning at Guidepost Montessori, she felt compelled to not only enroll her son, but to join the staff herself and help other parents seeking a better learning experience for their children.

“I worked in long-term healthcare for many years. I was always setting goals for the patients, and so I look at this job as just helping families to meet their goals with providing a quality, Montessori education for their child. I'm so grateful to be a part of all this!” — Tomeka Bostic, Assistant Head of School at Guidepost Lake Norman

At Higher Ground Education, Guidepost Montessori, and the Academy of Thought and Industry, we believe deeply in the potential of each individual. For this reason, we provide Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). We will not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, alienage or citizenship, disability, marital status, military or veteran status, disability, special need, or any other legally recognized protected basis. Our mission of helping humans live full lives depends on it.