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Access our carefully sequenced Montessori curriculum, now delivered fully online for homeschooling families

Bring the Guidepost curriculum home

Gain access to our carefully sequenced, self-paced Montessori curriculum online with our Guidepost Homeschool program! Our curriculum has been made easily accessible on our Altitude learning platform and is the foundation for all of our at-home and school programs.

Guidepost Homeschool is available for:

  • Early Years (children ages 2 to 6)
  • Elementary Years (children ages 6 to 12)

Join homeschooling families around the globe

Expertly Designed Curriculum

  • Our curriculum follows the child’s development, shifting from parent-led programming in Early Years to student-led learning in Elementary
  • Comprehensive curriculum with learning modules and activities across core topic areas from math & geometry, language arts & literature, and biology to art appreciation and handwork
  • Our proprietary Altitude learning platform provides structured scope and sequencing of student's learning as they progress

Go At Your Own Pace

  • Gain access to over 2000+ carefully sequenced, initial lesson options and follow-on lessons to match the needs of your child
  • Manage and track progress directly within our Altitude learning platform

Accessible from anywhere

  • Our curriculum is delivered through our online learning platform and accessible from anywhere (computer, iPad, mobile) so you can take learning wherever you go

A monthly subscription without any lock-ins or commitment

Take your learning with you wherever you go! Guide your child through the carefully sequenced, self-paced Montessori curriculum used at all Guidepost schools, starting at $99/month. Available for ages 2-12 as a monthly subscription.

Guidepost Homeschool

Guidepost Homeschool gives you unlimited access to the Guidepost curriculum and developmentally appropriate activities for $99/mo.

  • Access to the most comprehensive Montessori curriculum online with over 2000+ lesson options
  • Individualized lessons, goal setting and progress tracking within Altitude learning platform
  • Available for Early Years (2-6) and Elementary (6-12)
  • We are constantly adding new content and lessons to our library to keep your child's learning exciting and engaging
  • Delivered virtually from our learning platform. Take Guidepost Homeschool lessons with you wherever you go

Purchase Subscription

+ Home Materials Kits

Upgrade your subscription to Guidepost Homeschool with the addition of high-quality Montessori home learning kits for a one-time fee of $1000 USD:

  • Our home materials kit includes math, language and sensorial materials that are developmentally appropriate for your child's age
  • Includes an initial shipment of premium Montessori materials that can be paired with lesson plans to reinforce learned concepts and skills
  • We ship physical materials to anywhere in the world, so take your learning with you wherever you go!
  • Option to purchase additional Practical Life kits as an add-on for a separate fee

Materials Kits

We are excited to offer beautiful Montessori materials for your home to amplify your family’s Guidepost Homeschool learning experience!

For a one-time fee of $1,000 you will receive a curated set of recommended materials for your child’s current developmental stage, either:

  • Early Years materials set (under age 6)
  • Elementary materials set (age 6 and older)

Do I need a materials kit?

The materials kits dovetail to the lessons and exercises offered in our Homeschool platform, and help create a physical, hands-on interaction which will help your child more deeply understand and retain the concepts and skills he or she is learning through our Homeschool curriculum.

Will I need new kits eventually?

Each set of materials is thoughtfully designed to last for several years of homeschool, and can be used for a variety of exercises progressing in degree of difficulty.

As your child progresses through the Homeschool curriculum you may wish to order a new installment of materials that follows their level-appropriate learning.

How does it work?

Once we receive your purchase order, your materials kit will be shipped directly to you.

  • Each shipment comes with accompanying information about the Montessori materials inside.
  • If you are purchasing a Homeschool subscription, you will also find detailed instructions for how to use the materials on our Homeschool platform, Altitude.
  • For any questions about logistics with your materials or questions about how to use them, please email

Sample Activity: Sentence Analysis (4-6)

Sample Activity: Steps to Abstraction (6 to 12)

This curriculum is amazing. It’s so beautiful and so affordable! It really supports the parent to develop the whole child. I have homeschooling friends who are considering quitting, and I’m telling them, 'You have to check out Guidepost. It takes the teaching out and puts you in a role where you’re supporting. You just support your child, and learn with them. You don’t have to play teacher if you don't want to. You just have to see my daughter (age 6) - it’s giving her the tools so that she can analyze the world around her.'

Heather H.

Homeschool Parent

My 9 year old, Hank has been struggling with reading, spelling, and writing because of dyslexia. I am just sooooo happy with the content and projects you all offer. Hank did all the cursive lessons and he wanted to write in cursive every day. I’m telling you - learning cursive made something unlock in his brain - he is reading considerably faster and more accurately than before and his spelling has improved! I’m beyond thrilled! He is getting the best education of his life. And I’m learning a ton too!

Dana T.

Homeschool Parent


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    We are excited to have you join our community of Homeschoolers!

    To register for this program, you can register and pay directly with credit card using the following links:

    Guidepost Homeschool

    +Home Materials Kits

    Please note that setting up your account will take 24 hours from the time you submit your registration. We will send you instructions via email on how to setup your account. If you have any questions, you can contact

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