Guidepost Homeschool

empowers you to implement an exceptional Montessori homeschool with your child, for ages 2-12.

A complete Montessori Homeschool framework

Guidepost Homeschool was founded by a team of experienced Montessori educators on a mission to demystify Montessori and reimagine homeschool for parents of all backgrounds and experiences.

Anchored around an online curriculum bank with more than 2,000 Montessori lessons, you can use the platform to prepare yourself for working with your child. Or, your older child can connect directly with the lessons to plan and execute at their own pace.

More than a curriculum bank, Guidepost Homeschool also enables you to simplify the logistics of planning and tracking your child’s progress; it embeds resources, trainings, and videos that empower your own learning as a new homeschooler; and it offers a meaningful source of community with regular access to connect with each other and our educators.

Learn as you go

It takes time to confidently step into the role of your child’s teacher, but especially when you honor that role as guide, not director. Guidepost Homeschool equips you with articles, videos, and courses by our MACTE-accredited training group, The Prepared Montessorian, that empower you to grow in your Montessori homeschool journey.

Lean on community

Finding time to intentionally connect with others is just as important as sourcing the right curriculum. With Guidepost Homeschool, you can count on weekly mentorship with live Parent Help Sessions, and children can regularly connect with their peers through network-wide gatherings.


Guidepost Homeschool uses Altitude Learning to simplify the process for busy families with an end-to-end service. Rather than having to find lessons, source materials, pay for separate coaching programs, and then put it all together, we aggregate the best for you to run with. You're still in charge, but you'll have a framework to build off of.

designed by montessori educators.

Montessori curriculum + scope and sequence

  • Our curriculum follows the child’s development, shifting from parent-prepared programming in Early Years to student-led learning in Elementary
  • Comprehensive learning modules with over 2,000+ sequenced lessons spanning math & geometry, language arts & literature, biology to art appreciation, and more
  • Ability to manage and track progress directly within Altitude Learning
  • Weekly Parent Help Sessions, where you can find a reliable source of mentorship.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world, whether you're a full-time homeschool family or part-time (hybrid enrollment option via Guidepost All Access).

A program that grows with your child

Available for ages 2-12 as a monthly subscription with no long-term commitments, $99/month. Add Montessori Materials Kits and virtual extracurriculars for a complete experience.

The Homeschool Subscription

Unlimited access to Guidepost's Early Years and Elementary curriculum for $99/month, delivered in self-paced digital learning modules

  • New content and lessons continually added by our educators
  • Individualized lessons, follow-up work, and progress tracking within the Altitude learning platform
  • Weekly virtual meet-ups for parents + virtual gatherings for children

+ Home Materials Kits

Upgrade your subscription with the addition of high-quality Montessori home materials kits. We ship anywhere in the world!

  • Our home materials kits include core Montessori educational materials for math, language and sensorial lessons.
  • Our materials kits can be paired with lesson plans to reinforce learned concepts and skills from ages 3-12.

+ Extracurriculars

Once enrolled, add virtual extracurriculars like Spanish, Mandarin, Language Games, Math Games, American Sign Language, Art, Yoga, Story Time, or Cooking! Starting at $50 per month/household.

  • All classes are hosted live by one of our Guides in at least two time zones.
  • Every month, you will receive a new schedule with events, Zoom links, and materials you may need on hand. Your subscription rolls over each much until cancelled!
Sample lesson using the Stamp Game material

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The Montessori curriculum comes to life for the child through hands-on, manipulation-based learning, which is essential for deeper learning — and is exactly what the Montessori learning materials were designed to support.

Each kit includes core Montessori materials and is designed to follow our homeschool curriculum from ages 3-12. With your purchase, you will also gain access to a detailed materials guide with setup tips and instructional videos to implement a full Montessori at-home experience!

This curriculum is amazing. It’s so beautiful and so affordable! It supports the parent to develop the whole child. I have homeschooling friends who are considering quitting, and I’m telling them, 'You have to check out Guidepost'. You support your child, and learn with them.

Heather H.

Homeschool Parent

Hank has been struggling with reading, spelling, and writing because of dyslexia. I am so happy with the content and projects you offer. Hank did all the cursive lessons and wanted to write in cursive every day. Learning cursive made something unlock in his brain, and he is reading considerably faster and more accurately. He is getting the best education of his life, and I’m learning a ton too!

Dana T.

Homeschool Parent

Sample Activity: Sentence Analysis (7-10)


  • I'm new to homeschooling. Do I need Montessori training or 1:1 coaching?

    Congratulations on taking the leap to homeschool! Many parents worry that they need a Montessori certification to do Montessori homeschooling, but you do not need to be certified to guide your child in Montessori learning at home.

    Guidepost Homeschool is designed to empower parents of varying experience levels. The Altitude Learning platform does not replace your role in needing to prepare and guide your child, but it is a framework to guide you in your own learning curve. It bridges the Montessori lessons, scope and sequence, corresponding materials, and other implementation tips in one place for you to incorporate in your own homeschool rhythm.

    Upon onboarding, you'll find "Getting Started" resources featuring how-to's, videos, and self-paced modules from The Prepared Montessorian that will guide you in your new journey. For those wanting more support, our weekly Parent Help Sessions on Zoom are a great chance to troubleshoot and connect real-time.

    The Guidepost Homeschool Team can also answer 1:1 questions at

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