School Partnership Program

Build a resilient, hybrid Montessori learning community at your school that can adapt to any circumstance with our Montessori learning platform.

Making Montessori learning accessible

Our goal is to empower educators to ensure students receive quality, continuous Montessori education in a hybrid environment that may demand seamless shifting from in-person to virtual. From a learning management system, to robust training in Montessori practice, to physical at-home materials, we are eager to help you practice high-fidelity Montessori.

A system that works for educators

Our program is designed by and for Montessori guides, and it is the same one used in our schools across the world.

Experienced Montessori educators will get exceptionally high quality blended learning resources and systems. For educators and classroom assistants who are new to Montessori, we offer adaptable professional development modules, and for those interested, a full MACTE-accredited diploma course from the Prepared Montessorian Institute. For educators who are new to virtual learning, we offer professional development on how to get the most out of our hybrid Montessori resources.

Learn about our Guidepost Elementary Album

Partnering with Guidepost

The heart of our School Partnership Program is the Guidepost Album, a platform designed to enable self-directed learning that bridges timeless principles of Montessori learning to non-traditional settings. Whether teachers are offering virtual lessons or simply looking to help children unleash their potential, access to our online Montessori curriculum puts the student at the center of their learning.

The Guidepost Album

  • An intuitive learning platform with carefully sequenced Montessori curriculum in every discipline at the elementary age level
  • Teachers can easily facilitate virtual learning with core curriculum and keep track of students’ progress in class and at-home
  • All lessons aligned to Common Core standards
  • Early Childhood options for guides serving younger learners, with a wealth of resources for planning and delivering engaging virtual learning experiences that inspire offline activity

For Your School

For $50/month per student, your school receives:

  • Access to Guidepost Elementary Album virtual learning platform with carefully sequenced Montessori curriculum
  • Training and onboarding support for all staff via MACTE-accredited Montessori training through our partnership with the Prepared Montessorian training institute
  • Additional access to ages 0 to 6 DIY Resource Hub

Customized Solutions

We can partner with you in the following ways:

  • Facilitate and support exceptional virtual learning.
  • Enable new guides to facilitate Montessori learning onsite through our platform, in conjunction with training opportunities to become a Montessori educator.
  • Prepare trained guides for a seamless pivot to virtual.
  • Offer a materials subscription for parents to allow virtually-enabled exploration of physical materials at home.
  • Offer full virtual classes to your students in the case a guide isn’t available.
Tabitha Maxwell

Before Guidepost, I'd be taking pictures of things, trying to figure out how to give [my students] the Montessori experience through a computer. Guidepost has helped tremendously. What’s great is I can use the lessons already [in the learning management system] as a foundation and then tweak them for each student.

Tabitha Maxwell
Montessori guide and parent at the Montessori Education Centre Charter School