Just Launched! Guidepost Picco at Brushy Creek – Rankin

We recently launched the first Guidepost Picco location at Brushy Creek – Rankin! Meet the lead guide, Courtney Cobb, and learn more about this exciting new home-based program for infants and toddlers.

On Monday, we launched the first Guidepost Picco location at Brushy Creek – Rankin. Picco is our new home-based infant and toddler program. These Nido and toddler classrooms are an innovative blend of home and school-based childcare, combining the intimacy of a nanny share with the support of a local school. Located in a beautiful home that’s less than fifteen minutes from the Guidepost at Brushy Creek campus, the Picco Brushy Creek – Rankin location is the first of six Picco pilots that we’ll be launching this spring and summer.

“Montessori programs for infants are designed to feel like cozy home environments,” explained lead guide, Courtney Cobb. “The fact that this is an actual home, and also an extension of the school, makes it really special and unique."

Courtney began her career as a Montessori assistant guide four years ago. She’s since received training through the Prepared Montessorian Institute and served most recently as the lead guide in a Children’s House classroom at the Guidepost Round Rock campus.

“I’m really excited to enroll more children and build this community,” she said. “It’s very important to us that the Picco families feel connected to Guidepost and the Brushy Creek campus. We'll make sure they’re regularly invited to campus events, and that they receive all of the same communications and updates as the families who attend the local campus.”

Courtney explained that all the core elements of a Guidepost Nido program are beautifully integrated into the Picco classrooms—calming, natural elements like wood and neutral textiles, low shelves, mirrors, and other materials that encourage exploration are found in the Brushy Creek – Rankin home. As in all our programs, the environment truly prioritizes independence and freedom of movement.

“And of course, the children’s safety is our number one priority,” Courtney shared. “Just like at the Brushy Creek campus, we only use safe, developmentally appropriate materials and furniture in the classrooms. We also have clearly documented safety plans and protocols in place. And just like with the Nido program on campus, Picco parents will receive daily updates and photos.”

“There are times when piloting educational programs with your own children feels a bit scary but this isn't one of them,” said Matt Bateman, Guidepost’s Vice President of Pedagogy and father of Guidepost Picco’s first enrollee. “[I’m] really psyched that [my son] Adam gets this level of love and developmental support.” Read more of Matt's thoughts on Adam's first week at Guidepost Picco here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Picco program at Brushy Creek – Rankin, please visit the school webpage.