Children's House

Discover the Montessori Children's House preschool & kindergarten program for 3 to 6 year olds: our early years learning program designed to unlock the full potential of every child.

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Accelerate your child's love of learning

Students direct their own activities, building knowledge, confidence and social skills along the way. Teachers empower children to use all the materials available to them, which range from practical life activities to geography to mathematics.

  • Academic excellence

    Through individual lessons with the teacher and during their own independent investigation, children gain advanced knowledge of math, science, geography, botany, language, and culture. Each area of the curriculum comes with enticing, sequenced materials, which are designed to appeal to the young child's interests and stage of cognitive development.

  • Independence and expert guidance
  • Developing intelligence and increasing confidence
  • Reading and writing
  • A flourishing social life
  • Teachers keep parents and caregivers involved

A curriculum designed to foster development and independence

Practical Life

These lessons inspire your child with real-world, purposeful tasks and tools, helping to see themselves, correctly, as capable and competent.


Children this age use their senses to explore the world. They enjoy the beautiful sensorial materials and learn to compare and contrast, to discern slight differences, and to place things in order.


Your child will learn to associate each phonetic sound with its corresponding letter, and trace the letter to internalize the movements made in writing. Children are reading and writing at age 4, and mastering the component steps even earlier.

a day in the life of a children's house student.

Follow along as Olivia, a Children's House student, goes about her day at Guidepost Montessori.

top 5 questions on montessori kindergarten.

The third year of Children's House is a "capstone year" that represents the Kindergarten year in a traditional school setting. See how academic and social work culminate in the final year of the program.

A peek inside our classrooms

"Guidepost has been a perfect fit for our pre-schooler! The staff at Guidepost are truly amazing. The guides are compassionate, understanding, and informative. I love the app they use to provide daily updates about about what my little one is learning. Since enrolling at Guidepost, my daughter's independence has increased, she's learned skills to more effectively express her emotions when she's upset, and she has learned so many things!"

Kayla R.


"We have three kids enrolled in Guidepost with two being high energy twins. We couldn't ask for a better framework for our children's education."

Sara T.


"My 4 year old is in children's house here and is SO happy to go to school and "work" everyday. His vocabulary, independence and his interest in the world and art all began here. Their authentic Montessori methods are unlike any other Montessori schools around!"

Taylor M.