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Best Parenting Books for 2021

A round-up of the best parenting books to help you navigate pregnancy, birth and early childhood

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Montessori Basics

Montessori Elementary vs. Traditional Elementary

Published on Oct 15th

Montessori Elementary differs significantly from a traditional elementary school education and other progressive programs. In this article, we break down what these differences are, and why they matter for children aged 6+.

Success Stories

Why Montessori Matters From Toddler to Children’s House to Elementary and Beyond

Published on Oct 15th

A Guidepost parent tells us why Montessori has been the best educational path for her son.

Montessori Basics

Everything You Need to Know About the Montessori Children’s House

Published on Oct 7th

What does "Children's House" mean exactly? We’ll answer all your questions about Montessori education for children ages 3 to 6 years old.

Success Stories

From Fine Arts to Montessori School Management

Published on Sep 30th

Learn how Iryne Roh went from graduating with a fine arts degree to becoming an Assistant Head of School at Guidepost Montessori Magnificent Mile, Chicago.

Learning and Development

Best Parenting Books for 2021

Published on Sep 23rd

A round-up of the best parenting books to help you navigate pregnancy, birth and early childhood.

Learning and Development

How Parents Can Support Teachers During the School Year

Published on Sep 17th

In this article, we’ll share how parents can work with teachers to give students a better chance of success.

Learning and Development

How to Help Your Child Develop a New Routine

Published on Sep 9th

When your child learns to follow a routine, they’re practicing various life skills that will help them grow. In this piece, we break down how to start a new routine with your child, step by step.

Learning and Development

How to Help Children Manage Anxiety as they Return to School

Published on Aug 31st

Anxiety levels are higher than normal as kids head back to school. To help navigate this unusual time, we’ve put together some advice on how to help your child manage their anxiety as they return to school.

Learning and Development

Biting, Hitting, and More: Is This Behavior Normal?

Published on Aug 26th

In this post, we take a look at the top four concerns first-year families often have, and discuss how to support your child through them.

Learning and Development

Tips for Coping with Separation Anxiety as a Parent

Published on Aug 19th

Separation anxiety isn’t limited to just children. Parents can experience the hardship of being away from their kids, too. In this post, we’ll share our top tips that can help parents manage that feeling of loss that sometimes arises when we are away from our children.

Our Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori approach to human development is based on the belief in the potential of the child, and on the belief that it is only the child who can realize this potential. To grow up well is to grow up to be increasingly independent—to be increasingly capable, increasingly confident, increasingly secure.

Giving children the keys to life

Guidepost Montessori enables children to understand the world and choose their place within it.

With over 80 campuses across the US and Asia, and at-home and virtual learning programs serving more than 7,000 families worldwide, Guidepost is the world’s largest Montessori network.

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