School Admissions

Our team of admissions specialists are ready to meet you and get you started on your journey within the Guidepost community. We're here to provide your family with the information and confidence you need to enroll in one of our programs.

Learn about our programs.

Take the first step in your journey with us by attending our program overview virtually to meet our Admissions team alongside other prospective families.

  • Learn more about our individual programs, availability and tuition rates.
  • For parents new to the Montessori approach or to our Guidepost school programs
  • A place to come with all your questions about our programs and admissions process

Speak with Admissions.

Speak directly with Admissions to understand program availability for your desired start date and school location.

  • For parents already familiar with the Montessori approach and looking to have your child placed into one of our programs right away
  • Schedule time with our Admissions specialists to speak directly about availability, waitlist and registration process

Tuition rates.

  • Speak with Admissions to learn more about our tuition rates as they vary by location, program, language immersion and desired start date
  • Lock in your tuition rate sheet early to see considerable savings over the period of your child's time with us
  • We offer generous financial aid packages to make our programs accessible to as many families as we can. *Available in the US only - does not apply to international school locations.

Financial aid

Our approach to financial aid ensures our programs remain accessible to families. Nearly two-thirds of families receive some form of financial aid.

The application process for Guidepost Montessori’s financial aid program is administered by an external, third party system called the Independent School Management Financial Aid for School Tuition Program (FAST). FAST follows nationally established standards and ensures that all information submitted is kept confidential. The application is quick and easy, and all information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

*The financial aid mentioned above is only applicable to our US schools - this does not apply to international schools.


  • I'm ready! What's next?

    For families who are ready to move forward to register, you will be asked to complete a registration form online to input your information, desired start date, and one month's deposit.

    Questions? Speak with our Admissions team first to confirm program availability.

  • Is there a waitlist fee?
  • How is tuition charged?
  • How long does the process take to register my child?
  • Can I attend a school tour?
  • Are program overviews in-person?
  • My child has unique learning needs. Who can I speak with?

Accreditation with Cognia™

All Guidepost schools have received accreditation by Cognia™, a nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers. You can read more about it here.

Earning accreditation from the Cognia Global Accreditation Commission means that the system and all of its domestic and international schools are accredited, and that Guidepost Montessori is recognized across the nation as meeting the Cognia Standards of Quality.

Dr. Mark A. Elgart

Cognia System Accreditation is a rigorous process that focuses the entire school system and its community on the primary goal of preparing lifelong learners in engaging environments where all students can flourish.

Dr. Mark A. Elgart
President and CEO of Cognia