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Your Newborn Welcome Kit

Your child is so capable from the very beginning! This Newborn Welcome kit is designed with the newborn’s needs in mind, helping your child build concentration, fine and gross motor skills, and a deep understanding of the world—all so your child can learn, grow, and reach their highest potential!

high contrast tummy-time book.

This black and white book of common objects is designed to captivate your newborn’s interest. It’s perfect for propping up for your baby to look at during tummy time, diaper changes, or independent play time in your child’s movement area. Even the youngest infant is capable of concentration, and this high-contrast book helps your child begin to build the capacity for sustained attention from the very beginning.

skwish - baby's first toy!.

The Skwish is a great first baby toy! The many wooden sticks and elastic ties are easy for the tiniest hands to grasp and hold onto, the wooden knobs are perfect for mouthing and teething, while its interesting shape and collapsibility will fascinate your child for minutes on end. The Skwish can be hung as a visual or tactile mobile in your child’s movement area, placed in your child’s line of sight just out of reach to encourage rolling and crawling, or handed to your baby for practice with grasping and teething.

egg shaker .

The Montessori egg shaker is a great alternative rattle for your baby. The perfect shape for helping your child develop fine motor skills, the egg shaker makes an interesting noise that allows your child to explore cause and effect and rhythm. You can shake this toy to the beat while listening to music, place it in your child’s line of sight during play time, roll it across the floor for your crawling baby to pursue, and so much more!

new to the montessori crew onesie.

Welcome your newborn to the Montessori crew in style. This soft, 100% cotton onesie is sized for 0-3 months and features a beautiful print bound to get your baby all happy and giggling.