How to Create an Enticing Reading Environment at Home

Read on for tips on how to create a simple, designated reading area in your home that will entice children to read

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Reading is one of those things, like walking or speaking, that parents think about a lot. "When will my child start reading? Are they reading enough? Do I need to do more at home to support their reading?"

We're here to reassure you that It's not hard to support your child's love of reading!

A simple solution is setting up a special, designated reading area in your home that is cozy and enticing. Read on for tips on how to create this space!

How to Set Up a Child's Home Library

1. Make it cozy: We often use the phrase, "Curl up with a good book." This brings to mind cozy, soft and plush spaces that invite you to relax and unwind. With this in mind, how can you make your child's reading area cozy? A nice neutral rug is a good start. What about a throw blanket or pillow? Also consider keeping the books within easy reach, so your child can easily swap out their selections.

2. Make it beautiful: Children love beauty in their environment. They are often attracted to simple and beautiful artwork rather than flashy or gaudy colors. Try adding a nice houseplant to the library. Hang a low piece of artwork or subdued photograph on the wall. Every so often, place a fresh vase of flowers nearby!

3. Keep it updated: Rotate your book selection often. An important note here, you don't need to provide an overwhelming number of book choices. Start with 5 or 6 books to see how your child responds. Then, after a week or two, start rotating out the old books and offer a few new ones. Seasonally relevant books are always great conversation starters!

4. Keep it fresh: Every so often, perhaps even twice a year, reorganize the library. If possible, move the bookshelf to a different side of the room. Put the reading chair in a new place and sit on the floor next to it to see how the light falls. Listen to the noises around you, is there something that could interrupt your child's concentration? Your child will be delighted at the change and show renewed interest in the reading area!

Creating an inviting area to read at home will invite more spontaneous reading. After a bit of initial effort on your part, your child will have their very own space to "curl up with a book."

Think about what elements your child would enjoy most in a home library, then watch as reading becomes an integral part of your daily routine!

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