Water Pouring

Water Pouring is a material from the Practical Life area of the classroom, and is also sometimes referred to as Wet Pouring

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Water Pouring is a material from the Practical Life area of the classroom, and is also sometimes referred to as Wet Pouring.

The Practical Life area of the Montessori classroom helps a child independently and confidently perform daily tasks that he or she might find at home. Have you ever noticed a child’s desire to do the same things you are doing, from pouring milk into a bowl to sweeping the floor?

Let’s take a closer look at Water Pouring as it exists in the Montessori classroom, and discuss a few ways for you to incorporate this activity at home.

Water Pouring can come in a variety of forms, but typically, the first Water Pouring a child will engage with consists of two medium size containers or pitchers arranged on a tray. These vessels are either glass or ceramic, and if you’d like to learn more about why we use breakable materials in the classroom, check out this video by Ms. Wood.

This activity serves multiple purposes, just like most materials in the Montessori classroom. Firstly, children are inherently attracted to water activities. They love the process of pouring, washing, and transferring water. A child’s concentration may be engaged for long periods of time, simply by pouring liquid from one container to another, and back again.

Their fine motor skills are refined as they carefully manipulate the vessel. They mustn’t pour too fast, or the water will spill. They need to tip it just enough to start the flow of water. It’s a delicate balance, but once achieved, children love this activity!

The opportunities to use this skill at home are many and varied. Pick up a few small creamers or small glass pitchers, and provide your child with the chance to pour or transfer liquids, such as juice, milk, or water. Perhaps they can refill the glasses at the family dinner table, or fill up their cereal bowl with just the right amount of milk.

For more ideas of how to incorporate Montessori at home, check out our Infographic here!

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