Sandpaper Phonograms

The Sandpaper Phonograms help a child explore and understand the intricacies of language, giving representative letters to a sound.

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Sandpaper Phonograms are the natural extension of Sandpaper Letters, and live in the language section of the classroom. A phonogram is simply a letter or combination of letters that represent a sound.

For example, think of the word ‘boy’. We can distinguish two separate parts, b-oy. The second part has two letters, but makes up one phonogram because it represents one sound. Other examples include f-ar-m, c-or-n, and b-a-m-b-oo.

The Sandpaper Phonograms, much like the Sandpaper Letters, are cursive sandpaper figures set on a green wooden rectangle. Children have the opportunity to trace the path with their fingertips, while sensing the intricate sounds take shape in their mouths.

After mastering both sets of letters, children are ready to explore all the adventures writing and reading can offer!

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