Montessori Panel Hosts New Children’s House Webinar

Choosing a preschool program for your child can be overwhelming. For many, it may be your child’s first-ever school experience, which is a huge leap for both you and your child! You are not just looking for a program, you are looking for a partnership to ensure your child is supported socially, emotionally, and academically.

Jenna Wawrzyniec

Content Specialist

The early years are the most critical time in your child’s development. While they are soaking up their surroundings like a sponge, processing information and asking questions left and right, it can inspire our own curiosity around topics like, how can I support their developing independence? What kind of learning environment is best for my child? What is Montessori, and how does it differ from other preschool programs?

In Montessori, the Children’s House correlates to both preschool and kindergarten. It is a mixed-age learning environment scientifically designed around the Montessori Method, ideally suited for children ages 3-6 — but some children may be ready at 2.5!

Montessori preschoolers and kindergarteners experience more freedom to lead their learning than they do in a conventional learning program, but they also tend to excel from more structure than what is offered in alternative models.

Learn more about the Montessori Children's House

We have rallied a panel of Montessori educators to host a webinar, “Everything You Need to Know About the Children’s House.” This event took place in January of 2022, but we have the recording available below for inquiring families any time of year!

Everything You Need to Know About the Montessori Children's House

Leading the chat is Rebecca Girn, Program and Curriculum Developer for the Guidepost Montessori network, Melissa McElhill, Montessori Educator and member of the Higher Ground Education Marketing Team, and Somaya Billah, one of our Children's House Lead Guides. They’ll tackle the big topics like what children learn, how they learn, and what a day in the life actually looks like for children who join a Montessori Children’s House.

Meet the Author

Jenna Wawrzyniec

Jenna is a journalist and writer whose parenting journey transformed after implementing Montessori at home with her three children. She is a passionate advocate for bridging Montessori to the mainstream as a means to build community, empower parent-child relationships, and honor learning as the lifelong journey that it is. She holds a Montessori in the Home certificate from The Prepared Montessorian.

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