Motivation and Your Elementary Child

Motivation is complex! Learn some keys that Montessori elementary guides use that can support learning at home with your elementary child

Kelli Harran

Director of Program Support

Join us for a free recorded webinar with Peter Piché for guidance on working with your elementary child to build motivation and inspire learning! Benefit from Peter's experience as a Montessori educator at multiple levels and a father to Montessori children. Bring your questions!

Motivation and Your Elementary Child

Key Takeaways
*How to connect your elementary child to purposeful work that inspires
*Tips for delivering lessons that encourage exploration and extensions
*How to hone your observation skills to tap into interests
*Suggestions for pacing, engagement, and sparking the imagination

Peter Piché is a 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 credentialed Montessori Guide with 17 years of classroom experience at all levels, a Montessori dad of two emerging adults, and also a certified life and leadership coach. His role at Higher Ground is as a theory trainer and coach for Guides, and he is particularly involved with the development of our programs at the Academy of Thought and Industry for middle and high school.

Meet the Author

Kelli Harran

Kelli Harran is the Director of Program Support at Higher Ground Education.

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