Spring is in the Air at Guidepost Montessori at Las Flores

Guidepost at Las Flores families and members of the local community gathered for a celebration of the season and the senses.

The spring season often brings with it a sense of renewal and excitement and that was certainly the case at Guidepost at Las Flores’s recent Spring Fling event. Earlier this month, over 70 children and their families came together at the Las Flores campus for a celebration of the season that included a variety of fun activities—from setting up and managing a lemonade stand to planting flower seeds. 

“Our events are always focused on child-led activities,” explained Guidepost at Las Flores’s Head of School, Lisa Kathleen. “This year, our guides planned everything, and the activities were really wonderful and engaging.” 

The lemonade stand, which was staffed by eager students in the Toddler and Children’s House communities, was one of the most popular activities at the event. With a little help from their guides, the children took turns managing all of the stand’s operations: squeezing the lemons into small cups, adding water, a teaspoon of sugar and some ice, and then stirring the lemonade before finishing each cup with a lime slice garnish. 

“Even the older infants in our Nido class were able to participate,” Lisa explained. “They used tongs to put the lime slices into the cups, or they helped add the teaspoons of sugar.”

Another popular activity at this event was seed planting. In a dedicated section of the school yard, children filled little clay planters with soil and seeds, carefully watering and tending to them before taking them home.

Infants and young toddlers were also able to join in the fun by participating in sensory activities that involved touching and smelling different types of flowers. The youngest attendees loved taking in the colors and fragrances of the blooms.

The event was held in partnership with My Gym South OC, a neighboring gym that provides gymnastics classes as an extracurricular option for Guidepost at Las Flores students. During the celebration, the gym offered 15-20 minute outdoor gymnastics classes for the children to leap, tumble and twirl.

It was wonderful to see students, parents, staff, and members of the local community join together for this celebration of the season and the senses! We look forward to many more opportunities in future seasons to partner with local businesses like My Gym South OC to help cultivate independence, a love of learning, and a thriving community for all, even the youngest members! 

To learn more about the Las Flores campus, please visit their school webpage.