Toilet Learning FAQ & Help


  • When should I start toilet learning with my child? 

    Though your child starts to build awareness of her body and its needs from birth, once your child can sit up comfortably with minimal support, we recommend setting an expectation of sitting on the toilet during each diaper change. 

    Having this expectation starting as early as possible encourages your child to make the connection between the toilet and her bodily functions and establishes a consistent routine long before the age of power struggles, often preventing them entirely and making the process far more enjoyable for you both!

  • Why do stand-up diapering? 
  • When do we switch to underwear?  
  • Why don’t you recommend using rewards and punishments? 
  • Toileting has become a battle; how do I turn things around? 

troubleshooting .

Because toilet learning is new for your child and you’re both working to build knowledge and skills, sometimes there can be challenges to overcome. In this video, we discuss common trouble spots and how to address them.


Guidepost Montessori is excited to offer consultation from experienced Montessorians to answer any questions you may have, discuss your unique situation, and give tips to address any struggles you might be encountering.