Toilet Learning

The Peaceful Alternative to Potty Training

Toilet Learning How-To Guides

What is Toilet Learning?

Toilet learning is the peaceful alternative to potty training. A method that:

  • Respects your child's autonomy
  • Harnesses her natural interest and readiness
  • Gives her the tools she needs to be independent and successful at every step

And most importantly, it’s a way for you to walk alongside your child and enjoy their exciting and rewarding journey to independence.

The Montessori Approach

Learning to use the toilet independently is one of the most meaningful milestones for toddlers, giving them a deeply personal way to experience their own independence and the ability to meet their needs.

This is one reason why, for Montessori and our toddler classrooms, toilet learning is a crucial part of the toddler curriculum. It is treated with the same dignity and care as learning to read, write, or any other skill.

  • Careful Observation

    Always asking: what is the child trying to tell us?

    • Looking for signs of interest and readiness
    • Recognizing difficult steps in the process
    • Observing the child's response to changes we make
  • A Prepared Environment
  • Isolation of Difficulty

The Goal of Toilet Learning

For the Child

To gain the knowledge and skills needed to be capable of independently navigating the world, and therefore confident when facing new challenges.

For parents

To be empowered to observe, understand, and best meet the needs of their child, comfortable in their role as guides, and excited to share in the journey with their child.

For the whole family

To be collaborators on the rewarding journey to toilet independence.