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Guidepost Montessori School at Ashburn Village

We are a private Montessori school serving infants, toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age students. Our newly constructed school has space for your young child to explore and grow in a beautifully prepared Montessori environment.

Montessori education provides your child with the environment they need to grow and develop in a happy, healthy way. At our Guidepost Montessori school in Ashburn, VA, we pride ourselves on being a warm, nurturing school that feels like home away from home!

  • Address: 21711 Shellhorn Road Ashburn VA 20147 US
  • School Phone: (571) 210-7707
  • Admissions: (609) 619-0190

Our school entrance is located across the street from Heritage Baptist Church and adjacent to the Mini Mart! Please enter on the back side when turning off of Ashburn road onto Shellhorn road.

Our School

Our school offers Montessori education in small classroom sizes for daycare, preschool, and kindergarten students. We would love to show you around and welcome your family into our community!

  • Address: 21711 Shellhorn Road Ashburn VA 20147 US
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • School Phone: (571) 210-7707
  • Admissions: (949)-534-4782
  • Email:
  • 3 day and 5 day options available!

Certified Montessori teachers (guides)

A deliberate terminological shift from "teacher," the adults in the classroom are referred to as guides. "Guide" emphasizes the role the educator plays in the classroom: leading the children in their academic and social development, but in a way that centers the child’s individual development. The work of the guide is to actively nurture and support the child in what is fundamentally a self-directed process of development.

Every classroom has a Lead Guide and an Assistant Guide. All our Lead Guides here at Guidepost Montessori are required to be AMI, AMS, or PMI Montessori certified. The Lead Guide in each of our classrooms is a teacher who helps direct the child's activities academically, emotionally, and physically in a prepared and peaceful environment that challenges each child to reach their fullest potential.

Explore our programs

At Guidepost Montessori, each classroom is carefully designed to empower independence and inspire exploration in children of that age group. We call this the prepared environment, and in addition to the student and the classroom guide, it is the “third teacher.”

When you enter a Montessori classroom, you will notice that the furniture is child-sized, catering to the smallest child right up to the largest child, and all the learning materials are designed for that specific age group. This aids independence, precision, and self-confidence. Read more about the prepared environment here.

Our school in Ashburn offers nurturing and prepared classroom environments for:

  • Infants (ages 0 to 16 months)
  • Toddlers (ages 16 to 30 months)
  • Preschool and Kindergarteners (ages 3 to 6 years old)

Meet the Ashburn Village school team

We offer regular events to foster a vibrant school community: coffee chats with the school staff, seasonal events to bring our parents, families and staff together and open houses to share the school community with new families. We look forward to meeting you!

Head of School

Natalie "Talie" DePyper

Assistant Head of School

Alejandra Morales

Nido Guide

Elizabeth Miller

Follow your child’s development with Transparent Classroom

Thanks to our app Transparent Classroom, you get a window into your child’s experience of school daily.

Your child’s Lead Guide will share what your child is learning and what their real-time assessments are - this way you can very closely follow your child’s development throughout the day, months, and years you stay within the Guidepost network. If you transfer from one of our locations to the next, your child’s progress and continuity will be tracked in the app and readily accessible. Read more about Transparent Classroom here.

In this app you will see important notes and milestones such as:

  • Daily toileting, eating (bottle feeding for infants), and sleeping habits
  • Curriculum introduction, progress, and completion
  • End of day summary of all activities
  • Notes such as bringing in more diapers or a new set of clothes
  • Reminders for upcoming classroom events like birthdays, holidays, or special occasions

Interested in becoming a room parent? Let your child's Lead guide know!

A peek inside our school

Guidepost Montessori classrooms are light, airy, calming, aesthetically beautiful spaces. Each material is carefully chosen and carefully displayed — to inspire and entice your child to explore.

Mixed-age classrooms

At Guidepost, you’ll notice that classrooms are not divided by age like in most conventional schools. Instead, classrooms are split into three-year groupings, starting with Children’s House for ages three to six years old. Mixed-age classrooms allow for natural, mutually beneficial relationships to develop between children of different ages. This minimizes competition between peers over the same resources and allows children to interact with classmates who are both younger and older than them.

When a child enters the Children’s House at 2.5 years old, they will observe and admire the older children. When they are about 5 or 6 years old, they will lead the younger children by example. Mixed-age classrooms allow children to play different roles throughout their school careers, create an extended, deeper relationship with one guide across time, and promote life experiences of diversity and growth. Read more about our mixed-age classrooms here.

Ready to get started?

Just Learning

If you are newer to Montessori, we invite you to watch a virtual overview to learn more about our programs and approach. This info session will be alongside other prospective families and will not cover campus-specific details.

Doing Your Research

You are in the process of choosing a school for your little one and have specific questions about this campus like availability, daily schedule, and tuition rates. Just fill out our form below and one of our admissions specialists will be in touch to answer all your questions or help schedule a school tour!

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You have decided to join our community, welcome! If space is available for your desired program and start date, we will send an offer letter and process your registration right away. If a program is full, join our waitlist to hold your child's spot when space becomes available.

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We offer rolling admissions for families who are looking to get started right away. Once you receive an offer and register, we will confirm your start date and await your first day with us!

Why Guidepost?

The Montessori approach to human development is based on the belief in the potential of the child, and on the belief that it is only the child who can realize this potential. To grow up well is to grow up to be increasingly independent, capable, confident, happy and secure. At Guidepost, we are the village that supports you in raising your child.

The Montessori Approach

The Montessori method of education offers a knowledge-rich environment, through a child-led model. Children learn joyfully, through working with carefully sequenced, hands-on materials. Your child’s enthusiastic exploration naturally leads to a solid foundation and advanced academics.

A Close-Knit Community

Guidepost families tend to be friendly and welcoming folks, eager to make connections and form strong bonds. We think the education of our students is stronger when we can serve as a hub for such relationships, and we do all we can to foster a strong community in our area, with plenty of fun events and opportunities to meet and mingle.

A Global Network to Support You

Guidepost Montessori offers access to high-quality Montessori education in schools, at-home, or from anywhere around the world. Move seamlessly through our network as the needs of your family change to ensure continuity and consistency in your child's education, wherever you are located.

Continuing Education for Middle and High School

We are also pleased to offer in-person, virtual school and home school learning options for Middle school and High school students through the Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI).

The Academy of Thought and Industry combines the best of a classical education with personalized learning based on interest, passion, and curiosity. Our programs deliver a powerful education for independence and help to develop curious, self-motivated students who thrive in school and in life.

Learn more about the Academy of Thought and Industry here.

Montessori for Military

We are committed to bridging financial assistance, community, and continuity of education to our nation’s heroes and their families. When duty calls, we firmly believe that your child’s education should not be a sacrifice.

We can offer a seamless transfer process from one location to another, replacing disruption with stability. To date, more than 30+ of our campuses based in the U.S. are located within 30 miles of military installations and have joined Child Care Aware of America’s fee-assistance program, bridging early childhood tuition assistance to eligible families off-base.

Learn more about Montessori for Military here.

Your child's education starts at Guidepost Montessori School Ashburn Village

Guidepost Montessori School is one of the most trusted Montessori schools in Ashburn, Virginia. We make learning fun with the right balance of core academic classes, intellectual curiosity, and a supportive environment for students. Children learn through working with carefully curated, hands-on materials and activities that engage each child's freedom to explore and learn within a prepared classroom environment.

Come visit our school for a personal tour and to learn more about our programs, facilities, and affiliated at-home programming. Or call us at +1 (949)-534-4782.

Guidepost Montessori education takes a holistic approach: enabling social, emotional, and physical development alongside academic success

The Guidepost Approach

Educating the whole child

Teachers choose their moments of instruction wisely, offering lessons and presentations at suitable junctures in each child's development

The Guidepost Approach

A teacher whose job is to guide, not lead

Our teachers follow each child's natural schedule, which encourages them to trust their own bodies

The Guidepost Approach

Respecting the young child's rhythm of life

Children are given the tools and uninterrupted time to work on activities and materials they value

The Guidepost Approach

More study, not less

Children are given the freedom to follow their academic interests, which reduces the need for external motivation

The Guidepost Approach

No need for rewards or punishments

The teacher connects the child with their environment, showing them how to use the learning materials and evaluate their own work

The Guidepost Approach

Independent learning by the child

With the freedom to move and choose their own work, children develop internal discipline and social awareness

The Guidepost Approach

Empowered by choice

Lessons are designed to appeal to each child's level of development and interests

The Guidepost Approach

Individually tailored lessons

A place where every student feels a sense of belonging, building confidence in the knowledge that their social identity is an asset and not a barrier

The Guidepost Approach

Identity safe classrooms

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Giving children the keys to life

Guidepost Montessori enables children to understand the world and choose their place within it.

With over 80 campuses across the US and Asia, and at-home and virtual learning programs serving more than 7,000 families worldwide, Guidepost is the world’s largest Montessori network.

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Do you want to learn more about Montessori? Visit The Prepared Montessorian for flexible online courses, from beginner to expert level.

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