Guidepost Montessori New Hampshire

Guidepost Montessori is searching for families interested in supporting a school open in the state of New Hampshire! Montessori education provides your child with a love of learning and discovery throughout critical stages in their early development. We give your child an excellent start at life with high-quality education.

We have program offerings designed for children from infancy through elementary, and middle and high school options through our sister school the Academy of Thought and Industry. Our Montessori education programs offer opportunities to learn, explore, and grow in a safe environment. Discover more about our accredited, authentic Montessori schooling options in New Hampshire with a program overview today.

Become a Parent Pioneer and help us launch our first location in New Hampshire!

our school.

Our school programs offer a continuing Montessori education from day care years through elementary. Have a sneak peak inside one of our beautiful campuses on this page - we would love your help establishing a one of a kind Montessori community!

  • State: New Hampshire
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Call: 416-703-2582
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About Guidepost Montessori School

Guidepost Montessori is part of an international network of Montessori schools dedicated to helping children grow through joyful learning. We would be honored to open our first location in New Hampshire and are actively searching for founding familiy members to help grow our community. Our school network offers a nurturing and educational environment for infants, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age children.

Early childhood years are the most critical time in your child's development. These years are foundational in shaping your child's future health, well-being, and happiness at school and home. Montessori education provides your child with the tools to navigate lifelong learning.

Are you searching for a day care, preschool, or kindergarten in New Hampshire? You may want to consider Guidepost Montessori. The day care years correspond to our 'Nido' program, the preschool years correspond to our ‘Toddler’ program, and the kindergarten years correspond to our 'Children's House' program. With Montessori's emphasis on helping children grow through joyful learning, Guidepost Montessori can provide a nurturing environment for your child and prepare them for their elementary school years.

We are also pleased to offer virtual and homeschool learning options for middle school and high school students through the Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI). ATI is like Guidepost for the youth, pre-teen and teenage years. Our Montessori-inspired programs deliver a powerful education for independence and help to develop curious, self-motivated adolescents who thrive in school and in life.

Why you should choose Guidepost Montessori

Children are born with a natural curiosity and love of learning. When nurtured and properly guided, this curiosity can unlock the door to lifelong learning. Our team of educators at Guidepost Montessori are committed to developing lifelong learners. We partner with you to help foster your child's natural love of learning.

Guidepost Montessori believes that joyful learning results in children that love to learn. The Montessori method's foundations of individually directed learning, real-world experiences, and focus on responsibility for themselves and their surroundings can help your child become an independent learner with a love of learning and exploration.

We create an environment of support through a scientifically designed curriculum that allows children to develop their own ideas, explore their own interests, express their feelings, take risks, and make choices. Our educators guide your child through a world of discovery and responsibilities as they take their first steps towards independence and grow to be strong, thinking individuals.

What is a Parent Pioneer?

Parent Pioneers are a small group of very special families, passionate about Guidepost Montessori's mission, who help establish a new school or program for their children. Guidepost is a growing international network of Montessori schools. At each Guidepost school, joyful, self‑directed exploration in a carefully prepared environment leads to children who love to learn.

Parent Pioneers are partners and early adopters who help us make a new Guidepost Montessori campus a reality. As a Parent Pioneer, you will forever be part of the proud group who paved the way for more children to access a high-quality Montessori education in your community. We are extending a limited opportunity for you to join our community of founding families and receive a major tuition discount. If you're interested, please fill out the form below to get started.

A Peek Inside our School

Guidepost Montessori classrooms are light, airy, calming, aesthetically beautiful spaces. Each lesson and learning material is carefully curated in order to encourage children to learn and explore.

Why Guidepost?

As educators, we believe our role is to support the child's natural growth and to challenge them in age-appropriate ways so that they grow up to be increasingly independent, capable, confident, happy and secure.

The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method of education offers a knowledge-rich environment, through a child-led model. Children learn joyfully, through working with carefully sequenced, hands-on materials. Your child’s enthusiastic exploration naturally leads to a solid foundation and advanced academics.

Close-Knit Community

Guidepost staff and families tend to be friendly and welcoming folks, eager to make connections and form strong bonds. We believe it takes a village to raise a child, and do all we can to foster a strong community in our area, with plenty of fun events and opportunities to meet and mingle.

Global Support Network

Guidepost Montessori offers access to high-quality Montessori education in schools, at-home, or from anywhere around the world. Move seamlessly through our network as the needs of your family change to ensure continuity and consistency in your child's education, wherever you are.

Guidepost Montessori education takes a holistic approach: enabling social, emotional, and physical development alongside academic success

The Guidepost Approach

Educating the whole child

A place where every student feels a sense of belonging, building confidence in the knowledge that their social identity is an asset and not a barrier

The Guidepost Approach

Identity safe classrooms

Teachers choose their moments of instruction wisely, offering lessons and presentations at suitable junctures in each child's development

The Guidepost Approach

A teacher whose job is to guide, not lead

Our teachers follow each child's natural schedule, which encourages them to trust their own bodies

The Guidepost Approach

Respecting the young child's rhythm of life

Children are given the tools and uninterrupted time to work on activities and materials they value

The Guidepost Approach

More study, not less

Children are given the freedom to follow their academic interests, which reduces the need for external motivation

The Guidepost Approach

No need for rewards or punishments

The teacher connects the child with their environment, showing them how to use the learning materials and evaluate their own work

The Guidepost Approach

Independent learning by the child

With the freedom to move and choose their own work, children develop internal discipline and social awareness

The Guidepost Approach

Empowered by choice

Lessons are designed to appeal to each child's level of development and interests

The Guidepost Approach

Individually tailored lessons