Elementary: Calling a Truce With Tech

Technology is a helpful tool, but screen time should be limited and purposeful. Need help setting reasonable guidelines around technology for your elementary child?

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Join us for a free webinar with Lisa Kathleen for how to support your elementary child in navigating the tech world safely and purposefully.

5/20, Elementary: Calling a Truce with Tech
with Lisa Kathleen
12:30 pm PT / 1:30 pm MT / 2:30 pm CT / 3:30 pm ET
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Key Takeaways
*How to set reasonable guidelines around tech
*How to support your child to use tech in a purposeful way
*How to avoid meltdowns when it’s time to turn tech off
*Troubleshooting: Ask your questions and let’s problem-solve!

Lisa Kathleen is a member of the Prepared Montessorian training team. She is an AMI-trained Montessori elementary guide and a parenting coach and parent educator with over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of families. Lisa Kathleen is passionate about Montessori and passionate about parenting. Her work with parents is upbeat, powerful, and engaging.

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