Preschool and Kindergarten: Is Montessori Better for My Child?

Watch our educators share a comprehensive overview of the Montessori Children's House. In this video, you’ll learn why the Montessori Method is so effective at empowering children to excel in their learning and social, emotional development, and what this foundational start looks like at the preschool and kindergarten level.

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Who is Montessori for?

We recently posed this question to Rebecca Girn, a mother of three, Certified Montessori Educator, and program and curriculum developer for the Guidepost Montessori network.

Montessori is for people who care about social development. It's for people who care about academic rigor and challenging their children. It's for those who care about fostering problem solving, scientific thinking, and the ability to observe the world and ask questions in a logical, systematic way ... more than anything, it's for people who want their children to be happy, creative, successful adults who choose their path in life and persist.

Rebecca Girn
Rebecca Girn
Chief Programs Officer, Guidepost Montessori

Montessori education is, truly, for all kinds of different people. In the early childhood years, it is a highly individualized path where children have the opportunity to advance at their pace. It distinctly fosters both a love of learning and the capacity to learn — two things that are essential for lifelong success and overall wellbeing later in life.

Why Should I Consider Montessori for my Preschooler?

When considering the best possible start for your child's education, Montessori is increasingly recognized as the go-to path for families of all backgrounds and experiences. Montessori preschoolers and kindergarteners who join the Children's House program experience more freedom to lead their learning than they do in a conventional learning program, but they also tend to excel from more structure than what is offered in alternative models.

Everything You Need to Know About the Montessori Children's House

Girn joins two other experienced Montessori Educators, Melissa McElhill and Somaya Billah, in this 30-minute video discussion that dives into the Montessori advantage. Topics include:

  • What exactly is the Montessori Children's House?
  • How does a child learn under the Montessori teaching method?
  • What is the overall curriculum in the 3-6 classroom?
    • Why are subjects like Math and Literacy known for resonating with more children the Montessori way?
  • What is a typical day like for children in this mixed-age environment?
  • Why Guidepost, and how do you adhere to the highest standards of quality Montessori education?

Ready to learn more as it relates to your child? Connect with our Admissions team to get your additional questions answered.

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