Research and Beyond: The Science of Montessori

What does Montessori-relevant research say? Can it help inform your choice for your child's education? Learn more with Matt Bateman, Ph.D

The Guidepost Team

Join us for a recorded active discussion with Matt Bateman, Ph.D. on the topic of the research and science of Montessori.

Research and Beyond: The Science of Montessori

Key Takeaways:

-Research that bears on Montessori is quite favorable.
-Selecting a school is as much a philosophical as it is a research issue.
-It’s possible to think scientifically about your child without being a researcher.


Matt Bateman is a Ph.D. in philosophy, former professor of psychology, current Montessorian, and imminently expecting parent. His academic research concerned understanding the validity and scope of research methodology, and he is delighted to talk to you about how this applies to Montessori education.

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