Guidepost Anywhere

The Guidepost Anywhere program is a custom experience for families looking to move seamlessly between our brick & mortar schools and virtual or homeschool programs. This hybrid enrollment program is ideal for families in all different situations: co-parenting, travelling, remote-working, or for any family the flexibility of a hybrid solution. Our network of Guidepost schools or virtual programs can meet the needs of your family.

take your learning with you, wherever you go.

Provide continuity in your child's education, no matter where you are. The Guidepost Anywhere program offers a customized solution that includes a combination of programs and learning materials for school and at-home for one monthly combined price.

dedicated parent concierge support.

You will be assigned dedicated support to help you navigate our brick & mortar network for enrollment and will help to consult on your child's optimal learning environment at home, or on the road.

Contact us for a custom solution and pricing that meets your needs.

start your journey with us.

Our team of admissions specialists are ready to meet you and get you started on your journey within the Guidepost community. We're here to provide your family with the information and confidence you need to enroll in one of our programs.

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Silvana Carpintero

I could not see how online learning would benefit anyone, but I was wrong. The program is great. Both of my kids look forward to it and want to continues. That says something.

Silvana Carpintero
Guidepost Mom, Florida