Teen Beads and Boards

A detailed guide to understanding the Teen Beads and Boards and how they used within the Early Years curriculum.

How does it work?

Guidepost’s Teen Beads and Boards provide valuable experience with understanding numbers 11-19. With this material, the child first learns that the quantities greater than 10 are all made up of 10 along with a number from 1 to 9. Next, the child is introduced to the symbols for those numbers with the wooden boards and cards. Finally, they associate the beads and the cards together and practice making and placing them in sequence.

Prerequisite Skills - Prior to introducing the Teen Beads and Boards material the child should have a solid understanding of numbers to 10. This work happens concurrently with work using the Golden Beads.

Teen Beads - Introduction

sample lesson.

Start by watching this sample lesson from our Guidepost Homeschool platform that will familiarize you to the Teen Beads and Boards and their use.

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how to set up.

Setup - Carefully remove all packaging. For storage at the shelf: Arrange the number cards sequentially along the bottom of the teen board box, with 1 at the top and 9 at the bottom. Lay the boards on top of one another. Put the colored bead bars in the larger compartment of the bead box and the tens in the smaller one. Put the Teen Beads and Boards on your math shelf after materials related to numbers to 10.

Usage Tips - This work is best done on a work rug on the floor to prevent the beads from rolling around.

See the photo reference below for how the setup of this work looks when your child is at the stage of associating the beads and the symbols.

Associating Beads and Symbols
Associating Beads and Symbols

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