Education for life

We support your child in all areas of their development – social, emotional, physical, academic, and beyond. They are given the freedom and guidance they need to construct their own sense of self and purpose through joyful, meaningful work

Deeply individualized learning

Lessons are carefully structured and designed to appeal to each student's level of development and needs. Our curriculum gives students increasing responsibility over their learning as they grow

Supporting your child from infancy to adulthood

Our schools welcome children from as young as 10 weeks through to 18 years old, offering authentic Montessori education right up until they start work or go to college

Accelerating your child's development with technology

Our teachers are able to track your child's progress using our secure online app, offering you a window into your child's learning. Guidepost Homeschool and Virtual School uses an online learning system with thousands of lessons for you to choose from

With you wherever you go

With our network of over 90 schools across the US, China and Europe – combined with our homeschool options – your child will receive the same high-quality programming anywhere in the world

Open, meaningful communication

Through consistent open communication, we strive to reflect and reinforce your family values in the classroom and keep you up-to-date on your child's development

A thriving hub of local activity

Watch your child's leadership skills develop as they play soccer, strengthen your family bonds at our cooking classes, unwind at parent & baby yoga sessions. Find out what your local school has to offer and join our community

World-class programs created by Montessori experts

Every detail of our programming has been designed by leading experts in the field of Montessori education. They mentor our teachers, observe their classes, and deliver teacher training courses at our accredited Montessori institute

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