Guidepost Montessori Kits

Whether you are homeschooling or looking to supplement your child's learning, our kits equip you with high-quality Montessori materials and instructional videos. Pair your kit with the Guidepost Homeschool curriculum, and you can implement a full Montessori at home experience!

"What the hand does, the mind remembers." -Maria Montessori

the montessori difference.

The Montessori method of education is an individualized, child-led path that honors learning as it naturally unfolds. The adult’s role is not to direct what a child learns, but rather to prepare, observe, and guide the child. This method can be applied in a school or home learning environment!

Montessori curriculum comes to life for the child through hands-on, manipulation-based learning, which is essential for deeper learning — and is exactly what the Montessori learning materials were designed to support.

Explore our new Montessori Materials Kits to bring the joy of Montessori learning right into your own home!

Our Stage-Based Kits

Lower Elementary Kit

Ages 5-8

This kit includes core Lower Elementary curriculum materials + instructional videos that are accessible anytime.

Your child will gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts with this kit, starting with foundational skills like skip counting and working their way up to a mastery of operations and geometry. This kit also includes a Montessori sentence analysis set that will exercise your child's understanding of grammar composition.

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Upper Elementary Kit

Ages 9-12

This kit includes core Upper Elementary curriculum materials + instructional videos that are accessible anytime.

The Upper Elementary kit will help your child exercise their own ability to build new knowledge from previous knowledge. Through hands-on, manipulation-based learning, they will develop their ability to organize knowledge into an integrated, hierarchical structure, and deploy highly abstract knowledge in solving particular problems.

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Early Years Numeracy Kit

Ages 3-4

This kit includes four core materials + instructional videos that are accessible anytime.

The Numeracy Kit introduces students to concepts of quantity and the corresponding symbols for zero through 19. It is a foundational set of materials upon which all later math work rests.

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Early Years Operations Kit

Ages 4-5

This kit includes five core materials + instructional videos that are accessible anytime.

Once students have mastered core numeracy skills, they are ready to explore more complex relationships between numbers. The Operations Kit introduces the young learner to the decimal system and the four operations of arithmetic —core concepts for a strong grasp of basic math that builds towards abstraction.

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Early Years Sensorial I Kit

Ages 3-4

This kit includes five materials + instructional videos that are accessible anytime.

This sensorial kit introduces your child to core Montessori materials like cylinder blocks, the binomial cube, constructive triangles and others. Through repeated hands-on work with these materials, students hone their sense perception of attributes such as shape and texture,

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Early Years Sensorial II Kit

Ages 4-5

This kit includes four materials + instructional videos that are accessible anytime.

The Sensorial II kit is as engaging as it is beautiful! These curated materials help the child's ability to discriminate colors, dimension, and shape. The developmentally targeted design of these materials entices children to explore and repeat while they challenge students with increasing degrees of difficulty.

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pair with guidepost homeschool.

Designed by Montessori curriculum developers and certified guides, Guidepost Homeschool is reimagining the Montessori homeschool experience to make it more accessible for you to learn, plan, guide, track, and connect with your child's learning at home.

Guidepost Homeschool is most popular for cultivating the most comprehensive online Montessori curriculum bank featuring more than 2,000 lessons and developmentally appropriate activities for ages 2-12. As the parent, you have the choice to utilize lessons to prepare yourself before introducing to your child, or, to connect your child directly to the lessons.

Discover a different kind of homeschool for ages 2-12!

Inspire a Love of Learning

Montessori learning materials are known for:

1. Activating joy: Montessori learning materials are both beautiful and intentional. They are “self-correcting,” which means that they are designed in a way for the child to use independently. When used with the appropriate curriculum scope and sequence, Montessori children become immersed in these materials with great focus and satisfaction.

2. Honoring the need for movement: Movement is viewed as a fundamental part of how children learn in Montessori. The Montessori learning materials are “passive,” meaning they invite the child to do something in order to see what happens, further supporting the child’s natural drive to learn through movement and self-discovery. 

3. Concrete understanding: Instead of rote memorization, the Montessori curriculum and materials emphasize concrete before abstract, where the aim is not quick acquisition of knowledge, but comprehension and retention of knowledge.

4. Real-world connections: Well-constructed learning materials should provide real feedback about the world. A child understanding volume needs to feel differences in volume with their own hands. Things should be heavy or light, rough or smooth. These variations teach children how to classify and understand the world around them.


  • Do I need to be a member of Guidepost Homeschool to purchase materials kits?

    No, anyone can purchase our Montessori Materials Kits! But, if you're looking to cultivate a Montessori homeschool experience and you're searching for the full scope and sequence of Montessori curriculum, Guidepost Homeschool will equip you with this framework.

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