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Guidepost Montessori at Brooklyn Heights

We welcome your family to our community, which serves students from age 3 through grade 5. Our school brings together the Montessori approach to building independence and foundational knowledge with a best-in-class personalized learning framework.

Guidepost Montessori is honored to have the opportunity to continue the AltSchool legacy in Brooklyn Heights. We are grateful to the AltSchool team and to the parents who made the decision to pass the torch on to our Guidepost team. Like AltSchool, our approach offers student-driven, project-based learning, and highlights student agency and individualization.

Our School

Our school offers a continuing Montessori education from Children's House to Elementary programs. Have a sneak peak at our beautiful campus on this page - we would love to show you around and welcome your family into our community.

Program Overview

We are now accepting registrations for our programs! You can enroll to start right away or join our waitlist if your program is not currently available. We are also pleased to offer families affiliated at-home programming with more immediate care needs, while you wait for your waitlist spot to become available.

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If you are newer to Montessori, we invite you to attend a virtual overview to learn more about our programs and approach. This info session will be alongside other prospective families and will not cover campus-specific details.

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You are in the process of choosing a school for your little one and have specific questions about this campus like availability, daily schedule, and tuition rates. Just fill out our form below and one of our admissions specialists will be in touch to answer all your questions or help schedule a school tour!

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You have decided to join our community, welcome! If space is available for your desired program and start date, we will send an offer letter and process your registration right away. If a program is full, join our waitlist to hold your child's spot when space becomes available.

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We offer rolling admissions for families who are looking to get started right away. Once you receive an offer and register, we will confirm your start date and await your first day with us!

Campus video tour

Walk through our campus with a short video tour. We'd love for you to come and visit!

A Peek Inside our School

Guidepost Montessori classrooms are light, airy, calming, aesthetically beautiful spaces. Each material is carefully chosen and carefully displayed — to inspire and entice your child to explore.

Meet our School Team

We offer regular events to foster a vibrant school community: coffee chats with the school staff, seasonal events to bring our parents, families and staff together and open houses to share the school community with new families. We look forward to meeting you!

Head of School, Brooklyn Heights

Moshe Schack

Elementary Lead Guide

Jess Gagne

Children's House Lead Guide

Laura Ramirez Etanislao


I cannot speak more highly of the teachers and staff at Guidepost Montessori at Brooklyn Heights, and of the school program as a whole. In the 6 months than our son has been a student in the Children's House program (3-6 year olds), he has grown in such amazing ways. He is more grounded, mature, curious, courageous, patient, respectful, and communicative. I am so proud of our son, and I am so grateful to everyone at the school. The teachers are kind, gifted, knowledgeable & dedicated. They are excellent at facilitating the students in dually independent & collaborative learning approach that Montessori schools are known for. Our son has developed genuine and meaningful connections to his teachers, both in the classroom & during after school. I can feel how much they really care about him and his development. And he just loves them all! The style of learning the school provides is just what our son needs. He has space to explore is own interests (everything!) and at his own pace (fast!) through the independent work cycles during each day. He has the opportunity to go outside everyday to the beautiful Brooklyn bridge park to explore nature with his classmates, which is an absolute must for him - as he definitely needs lots of space to run and he loves the natural world"

Brooklyn Heights

Why Guidepost?

The Montessori approach to human development is based on the belief in the potential of the child, and on the belief that it is only the child who can realize this potential. To grow up well is to grow up to be increasingly independent, capable, confident, happy and secure. At Guidepost, we are the village that supports you in raising your child.

The Montessori Approach

The Montessori method of education offers a knowledge-rich environment, through a child-led model. Children learn joyfully, through working with carefully sequenced, hands-on materials. Your child’s enthusiastic exploration naturally leads to a solid foundation and advanced academics.

A Close-Knit Community

Guidepost families tend to be friendly and welcoming folks, eager to make connections and form strong bonds. We think the education of our students is stronger when we can serve as a hub for such relationships, and we do all we can to foster a strong community in our area, with plenty of fun events and opportunities to meet and mingle.

A Global Network to Support You

Guidepost Montessori offers access to high-quality Montessori education in schools, at-home, or from anywhere around the world. Move seamlessly through our network as the needs of your family change to ensure continuity and consistency in your child's education, wherever you are located.

Guidepost Montessori education takes a holistic approach: enabling social, emotional, and physical development alongside academic success

The Guidepost Approach

Educating the whole child

Teachers choose their moments of instruction wisely, offering lessons and presentations at suitable junctures in each child's development

The Guidepost Approach

A teacher whose job is to guide, not lead

Our teachers follow each child's natural schedule, which encourages them to trust their own bodies

The Guidepost Approach

Respecting the young child's rhythm of life

Children are given the tools and uninterrupted time to work on activities and materials they value

The Guidepost Approach

More study, not less

Children are given the freedom to follow their academic interests, which reduces the need for external motivation

The Guidepost Approach

No need for rewards or punishments

The teacher connects the child with their environment, showing them how to use the learning materials and evaluate their own work

The Guidepost Approach

Independent learning by the child

With the freedom to move and choose their own work, children develop internal discipline and social awareness

The Guidepost Approach

Empowered by choice

Lessons are designed to appeal to each child's level of development and interests

The Guidepost Approach

Individually tailored lessons

A place where every student feels a sense of belonging, building confidence in the knowledge that their social identity is an asset and not a barrier

The Guidepost Approach

Identity safe classrooms

Giving children the keys to life

Guidepost Montessori enables children to understand the world and choose their place within it.

With over 80 campuses across the US and Asia, and at-home and virtual learning programs serving more than 7,000 families worldwide, Guidepost is the world’s largest Montessori network.

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