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Nido (6 weeks to 18 months)
Toddler (18 months to 3 years)
Children's House (3 to 6 years)

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Tanya Bryant
Guidepost Montessori at Cranbury is now enrolling children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. We are dedicated to educating the whole child, providing much more than traditional childcare, preschool, and kindergarten education. Learn more about the Guidepost difference and schedule a tour of our school today!
Tanya Bryant . Head of School
Tours & Events

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Our approach is designed to empower each child to achieve independence by combining our hands-on curriculum with personalized learning to create an environment where curiosity flourishes, independence grows, and academic excellence is a natural outcome.

We want your child to see and believe: “I am capable!”

Nido .
For infants ages 6 weeks to 16 months old
For children ages 16 months to 2.5-3 years old
Children's House.
For children ages 2.5-3 to 6 years old
Guidepost at Home.
For children ages 0 to 12 years old

what makes us stand out.

How is the Guidepost Montessori approach different from conventional education?.

At Guidepost, we join with parents on their mission to help their child grow and live well. Together, we design an education to empower each child to build the knowledge, skills, and confidence she needs to craft an independent, flourishing life.

Though there are many differences between the conventional approach and Guidepost, here are some of the most important:

Conventional Education vs Guidepost Montessori
What is the Guidepost Mission?.

At Guidepost, our mission is to support each child in achieving her own independence. To do this, we help her gain the knowledge, build the skills, and craft the personal character she needs to flourish. Above all, our goal is to cultivate joy—in the pursuit of knowledge, in effort applied to work worth doing, in the achievements of herself and others, and in taking the steps to author her own life.

Read more about the Guidepost Mission.

Learn about the key milestones we support—from infancy through high school.

Read more about why we educate for independence, and how we support independence for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-age children.

What are the outcomes of your programs?.

Montessori education is known world-wide for having positive impacts on both academics and social and emotional skills.

At Guidepost Montessori, when we design an environment to meet the developmental needs and interests of children alongside personalized care and support, the child can learn advanced skills at an accelerated pace.

Our students, for example, regularly learn to read by the time they’re 4-years-old and can perform all four math operations with 4-digit numbers by the end of their Kindergarten year.

The language and math skills of our kindergartners are on a par with what children in conventional programs learn in 3rd grade or beyond! What’s more, our students learn advanced academics joyfully—while simultaneously developing deep focus, self-discipline, and positive social skills.

Read more about the Guidepost Montessori advanced Language Curriculum in Children’s House.

Read more about the Guidepost Montessori advanced Math Curriculum in Children’s House.

Do your programs include Kindergarten?.

Yes! The third year of our Children’s House program, designed for 3- to 6-year-olds, is the capstone kindergarten year. In this year, the child has been well-prepared to experience an explosion of literacy, learn advanced math concepts, and use her hard-won ability to focus, problem-solve, and persist through challenges to then make advanced gains across the curriculum. Children who continue with Guidepost through Kindergarten are often well-ahead of their peers when they enter 1st grade.

Learn more about the capstone Kindergarten year at Guidepost.

Learn more about the next exciting stage: the Guidepost elementary program.

Following elementary, students continue on to our Montessori middle and high school, the Academy of Thought & Industry: a school that combines a classical liberal arts emphasis on history and great books, and a Montessori emphasis on independence and agency.

How does Guidepost partner with parents?.

At Guidepost, we want to make the best education the best for children and parents. This is why we provide year-round, extended-day programming at no extra cost, enabling consistent and uninterrupted access to the care and developmental support parents expect. We invite you into your child’s world—with daily photo and video updates, regular milestone meetings, and parent-child events that showcase your child’s progress. We work to understand your unique context and needs, so that we can provide support for milestones at home as well as at school.

In everything we do, we strive to cultivate joy as you watch your child grow!

Read about Transparent Classroom, the app that provides a window into your child’s day.

Read about recent family events such as Grandparent’s Day, a cultural celebration, and a spring celebration.

hear from our head of school, tanya bryant.

take a peek at our school.

what parents are saying.

T. Alexander
May 18 on google
Guidepost Montessori at Cranbury is excellent!!! When I toured, met with the Director, Toddler Guide and saw the Nido unit for infants I knew this was the right fit. I enrolled my two year old daughter and my 6 month old shortly thereafter. The Guides provide individual attention to my children, provide great insight and advice to parents. The open beautifully lit spotless environment for my children to learn, play and interact with their peers is the best. Safety protocols also add to the comfort in knowing if you want an environment with smaller class size, detailed attention to your child, family fun activities and a high quality educational experience, Guidepost Montessori at Cranbury will check all the boxes.
Read more
Zainab Mun
May 1, 2023 on google
Our son loves going to school everyday at Guidepost, the teachers/caregivers are excellent at what they do and the facility is always clean and has a very calm and welcoming atmosphere. The administrators, especially MaryAnn, are always ready to help and accommodating to your child’s needs.
Read more
Maya J.
Nov 30, 2022 on yelp
Great school. Well maintained loving and affectionate caregivers. What you expect from a Montessori and more..I am very happy that I switched my baby to...
Read more
Libby M.
Dec 14, 2022 on yelp
We have been with Guidepost Montessori at Cranbury since 2020. We are so glad we learned about Guidepost Montessori during covid-19 shutdown. It was a...
Read more
Rachel D.
Dec 7, 2022 on yelp
We enrolled two children here, and are very happy with our experience. Coming from a pandemic-ridden infancy spent entirely at home, our toddler, in...
Read more
Chandra Sekar Reddy
Nov 30, 2022 on google
Guidepost Montessori at Cranbury is one of the best decisions i made to put both my daughters for their early education. The whole facility is so clean and hygiene, the staff are very professional and at the same time my daughter loves going to the Guidepost with high energy and enthusiasm which gives lots of peace to the parents.
Read more
gauri Ranganathan
Dec 7, 2022 on google
Very friendly staff. Ms Rose is a very good lead to the whole staff. Areas are very clean. Play area is nice. Children are taught people skills and discipline. Highly recommend
Read more
Mahima Bhat
Dec 2, 2022 on google
Love this place. The caregivers are excellent. Could not be happier with my decision to send my daughter here.
Read more
Dara Rajeshwar
Dec 12, 2022 on google
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Preschool student enjoying blocks in a prepared environment.
Toddler playing on the playground.
Kindergarten children work on puzzles independently.
We provide more than just childcare: we provide a place to explore.
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The Montessori method provides a place for children to explore and make choices.
Kindergarten children having a meal together.
Toddler having fun in a tube!
Children's House student preparing roses.
Kindergarten student loving outdoor play.
Preschooler learning words
Our classrooms have right-sized furniture for preschoolers.