Constructive Triangles: 1st Rectangular Box

A detailed guide to understanding the Constructive Triangles: 1st Rectangular Box material and how it is used within the Early Years curriculum.

How does it work?

With the Constructive Triangles, the child explores how triangles relate to and can be the building blocks of other plane figures. The 1st Rectangular Box relates various types of triangles to various types of quadrilaterals, from squares to rhombi. This material provides practice at visualizing and manipulating straight-sided figures in new ways, ones that will be applicable when the child studies equivalence and area in Elementary.

Prerequisite Skills - This material is the first of the Constructive Triangles series and, as such, does not have prerequisites. However, it is recommended that the child have some familiarity with quadrilaterals before using it: square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezium, and rhombus.

As with all Sensorial materials, the benefits of the Constructive Triangles are best enjoyed by the child who has developed their ability to work logically through multi-step tasks. The exercises of Practical Life are the ideal training ground for this. Extensive work with Practical Life activities or other real, everyday tasks is the best way to prepare a child for this and other Sensorial activities.

Introducing the 1st Rectangular Box

sample lesson.

Start by watching this sample lesson from our Guidepost Homeschool platform that will familiarize you to the Constructive Triangles and their use.

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how to set up.

Setup - Carefully remove all packaging material. Arrange the triangles in the box in the order indicated by photos shown below. This gets the triangles ready for the child's work with this material.

Usage Tips - Constructive Triangles are suitable for use either on a work rug on the floor or at a child-height table. The picture shown indicates how the activity looks in process.

Bottom Layer
Bottom Layer
Middle Layer
Middle Layer
End Result
End Result

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